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Wireless Connectivity Moisture Meter with pin type, green / red LED and digital reading display from 0-50%
Introduction :

    External wireless connectivity moisture meter is designed for use in wide applications, such as :
    - For locating water leaks behind walls, above ceilings and below floors.
    - For wood working, measure moisture content before finishing, painting processing.
    - For textile industries, regular check moisture content of fabrics and leathers, quality check to prevent mold.
    - For printing industries, check moisture content of paper before printing.

    One of the most advantages of the meter is wirelessly connect to Smart phone / Tablet / PC to view data, record reading, capture picture with data on it and send the information to headquarter.

    Specifications :

      - Pin type sensor
      - Dot LED indication 7 to 35%
      - Digital reading display on Smart phone from 0-50%
      - Measurement range :
      - a) Low 7-15% (green LED)
      - b) High 16-35% (red LED)
      - Accuracy : ± 2 LED
      - 0.1% Resolution display on Smart phone
      - With protective cover
      - Calibration check point
      - Selective switch for HIGH / LOW measurement
      - Battery level check
      - Low battery indication : < 7.5V
      - Auto power off (2 minutes)
      - For wood / timber and building material ie. brick; concrete; drywall; plaster etc.
      - Freeze / Hold reading
      - Standalone mode : without external wireless module
      - Wireless connectivity transmit data  to Smart phone/Tablet with iOS APPS or Android APPS(require external wireless module MS-WMB1, sold separately)
      - Data logger compatible (require external wireless with memory module MS-WMBM1, sold separately)
      - Battery powered : 1 x 9V (6F22 / 6LR61 / 1604) 
      - Dimension (LxWxD) mm : 164x68x25
      - Weight (approx.) grams : 98 (without battery)
Item no.MS-W98Q
Further DetailsMS-W98Q_TE4.jpg
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